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Time At The House Of Genista



I am now taking orders for pet portraits for 2016

Prices/Sizes HERE

Check out my "Miniature Pet Portraits", ideal for Christmas/ Birthday Gifts etc

8" x 10" Single Subject Pastel Pet Portrait - Mounted

£55 + P/P

Contact me as soon as possible to avoid disappointment if your portrait is required for a particular date.

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Featured Products - NEW ARRIVALS


8" x 10" Single Pastel Pet Portrait £55 + P/P

11" x 14" Single Subject Pastel Pet Portrait £85 + P/P

Two Subjects £125 + P/P

12" x 16" Single Subject Pastel Pet Portrait £100 + p/p

Two Subjects £140 + P/P

Three Subjects £170 + P/P

16" x 20" Single Subject Pastel Pet Portrait £150 + P/P

Two Subjects £190 + P/P

Three Subjects £230 + P/P

20" x 26" Single Pastel Pet Portrait £240 + P/P

Add £40 per extra subject for this size



"SORBET" 8ins £34.99

"Tatty" 4/5ins £32.99

"WOOKIE" 6/7ins Jijome £35.99

"CHOCOLATE PUDDING" 4/5ins £32.99



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Painterly Pet Portraits

My Painterly Style Pet Portraits have qualities unique to the style of my painting. They are quite dynamic and reflect the animals' most important features. Details are minimised leaving plenty to the imagination and allowing the subject to "stand out" My painterly style is not photorealistic but makes use of all the visual effects without mimicking the camera lens.

The beauty of being an artist is being able to create a work of art that is unique, inspiring and holds the viewers attention with warm and cool tones, broken tones, sophisticated brushwork, sketchiness and impasto, focusing mainly as you can see, on colour harmony. light and expression.

My Painterly Portraits are impressionistic,modern and suitable for any modern home and make wonderful gifts.

If you like my Painterly Portraits, I will capture your pets likeness and essence in a unique and artistic style that I am sure you will be delighted with.

Unlike many artists that edit digitally and print onto a piece of canvas, your painting is 100% hand-sketched and painted, with no digital work involved. This allows not only for a completely unique painting, but also allows for a mixture of colours and textures to your original piece!

Contact me for a Painterly Portrait TODAY!

My Painterly Portraits are painted using only fine artist quality acrylic paints,ready to hang,as they are painted fully around the sides of the canvas (gallery style wrap with no staples showing).

Painting is easily framed if desired.

4" x 4" £25.00 GBP

5" x 7" £52.00 GBP

6" x 6" £65.00 GBP

8" x 8" £75.00 GBP

11" x 14" £99.13 GBP

12" x 12" £105.14 GBP

20" x 20" £165.21 GBP

18" x 24" £180.23 GBP

Other sizes are available. Please enquire.

Painterly Examples