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American Teddy Bear 1948-50


Here we have a wonderful jointed mohair Teddy Bear dating around 1948 - 1950. We believe him to be an American Teddy Bear, possibly Knickerbocker, but he has no identification. He is a cream colour mohair. He was probably white when he was new. His velveteen paw pads are original. He has amber glass eyes and a black stitched nose. His mohair coverage is good with a few patches of thinning. He is jointed at the neck, arms and legs, and all joints work. His face and nose are straw stuffed, his body is soft stuffed, probably with woodwool. He is 13 inches tall. He has a few worn spots, but over-all he is in good condition. A wonderful little character who we will be sorry to see go!!! Please look after this Bear!!!!!

Price: £149.99

Postage & Packing UK only: £6.50

Outside UK e.g USA: £13.99

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