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"Broderick" - 1930's Chiltern


Broderick is a lovely old boy made by Chiltern in the 1930's and is in totally original condition. His mohair coverage is generally great but with a little wear. This is mainly due to his outer arms and a little bit to the tip of his toes, near his tummy seam and around his muzzle. He has original glass eyes with some of the brown paint still evident. His nose/mouth stitching is original and all his claws apart from one are intact. His pinkish linen pads are showing signs of wear and in a few places the straw stuffing is peeping through. We have preferred to leave them this way rather than replace them. The tip of his left ear has worked its way free of the facial seam but again we feel that this adds to his character.His growler gives the occasional grunt and he is completely straw filled. Broderick wears a smart knitted cardigan with vintage red pants. He is a lovely size and weight at 24 inches tall- with a very quizzical expression!

Price: £265.00

Postage/Packing UK: £12.50 (Heavy)

Outside UK e.g USA: £22.00

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