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"Sweet Old Rose" 1909 Steiff


"Rose" Sweet Old "Rose"  

 A 16 inch Early Steiff Teddy Bear with her Steiff button still fixed firmly in her ear. She is woodwool filled, with some little holes and an old repair to the front of her ankle. Her pads are repaired, retaining remains of the original and she has her original nose, mouth and claw stitching with very expressive boot button eyes. With almost no mohair left, Rose wears a lovely Antique Sailor Outfit and a pair of Antique Leather Shoes. Although she was very young at the time, she remembers the news of the Titanic when it sank on 15th April 1912. Rose is circa 1909.

Price: £1,459.99

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Outside UK e;g USA: £19.99

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 Please email for more photographs if you are interested in Rose, to enable you to see repairs etc more clearly.

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